#1 Make the vital information the same in both records (Given Names, Family Names, Birth and Death dates). *

#2 Reload the record.

#3 If the records are the same, the merge icon will appear in the title bar (Life Information section - right hand side).

#4 Click the merge  icon.

#5 Click Merge.

#6 Click the Back Arrow button to go back to the original record. 

*Period, commas, accent marks and diacritics must match. 

Step #1

Let's say while doing a search in a cemetery we come across two headstones that look alike. These need to be merged. All of the vital information matches. However, one of these has a period after the "P" this will need to be edited in transcription so they match. 

Step #2 & 3

Notice that after we changed both records to match we reloaded the top record and the merge symbol appeared. 

Step #4 & 5

After clicking on the merge icon the records will come up. Click merge and give it a moment. 

Step #6