BillionGraves website:

#1 Log in to BillionGraves.

#2 Hover over Volunteer (main menu).

#3 Click Transcribe.

#4 Fill out form.

#5  More than one individual?Click ADD PERSON.

#6 Click Save when finished

Essential information (Simple Mode):

#1 Fill out Given Names, Family Names, Birth and Death dates. **Does not contain maiden name. Maiden name can be added in by clicking Advanced Mode. 

Additional information:

#1 Click ADVANCED MODE for a long form of information to fill in (e.g., Prefix, Suffix, Marriage Date). **Maiden name  is found here. 

Other information:

#1 Other options for adding information appear in the Transcribe Photos column (e.g., religion, military information).

Step #2 & 3

Step #4

Step #5- The above memorial above only has one name if there were more, like the memorial below, I would click on add person

Step #6

Advanced Mode

Simple Mode

Other Information