BillionGraves Website:

#1 Log in to BillionGraves.

#2 Hover over Volunteer on the main menu.

#3 Click Transcribe.

#4 Fill out the form.

#5  More than one individual on the gravestone? Click ADD PERSON.

#6 Click Save when finished.

Essential Information:

#1 Fill out Given Names, Family Names, Birth and Death dates. 

NOTE: The form does not have a field for the maiden name. But the maiden name can be added by clicking Advanced Mode. Please do not transcribe in all caps, also include punctuation found on the stone for clarity. 

Additional Information:

#1 Click ADVANCED MODE for a longer form with more information to fill in (e.g.- Prefix, Suffix, Marriage Date, and Maiden Name). 

NOTE: Do not use the following characters in the epitaph or note section, or it will not save. (--, %, @, $, #, *) Also, please do not put links into other sites.  Simply state something like: This record can be matched to the US Veteran's administration website: Record number 12345 or this stone can't be read as it is, but you can see an older photo on the Trinity Church website record number 12395. etc. Also do not type the notes section in ALL CAPS please. 

Other Information:

#1 Other options for adding information appear in the Transcribe Photos column (e.g., religion, military information).

Steps #2 & 3

Step #4

Step #5- The above memorial above only has one name. If there are more names, like on the memorial below, click on the blue button labeled "Add Person".

Step #6

Advanced Mode

Simple Mode

Other Information

Other Languages Please only transcribe in those languages in which you are fluent. Headstones must be transcribed in the language in which they are written. Use diacritics if they are on the headstone. 


For a Transcription Guide, click HERE. 

To learn how to rate an image while transcribing, click HERE. 

To learn how to transcribe photos you have taken yourself, click HERE. 

Do you have specific questions? Click HERE to create a ticket, these will go to our Free Ticket desk

BG+ users with questions, please click the Orange Help Button and Contact Us to fill out your priority ticket.