This is our most unique feature that sets us apart from other websites.  Let's say I am taking a trip to New York to find an ancestor's grave in the Pineview Cemetery.  I can see that this has been filmed by a BillionGraves User, but I really want to pay my respects in person, as I will be on a long road trip to New York.

First I open the BillionGraves App and click on Find Headstones

Next, I type in the information of Lucy Mosher in the Cemetery I plan to visit in New York State

Here are the results. Click on the Individual's name

If you click on the field that says "Tap here to get directions to the headstone", you will get a pin in the cemetery where the grave is located. 

If I zoom out of the image I will get my location in comparison to the headstone pin.

As you can see I am quite far from Lucy's headstone as I am in Utah and it would be a very long car ride. If I click on the car in the corner, my phone's GPS navigation will take me to the cemetery where Lucy is buried, and once in the cemetery I can use my phone to find Lucy. 

Let me show you on a local level what this might look like.  Perhaps I decided to visit my local cemetery.  I have placed the name of an individual I would like to visit there: James Unopulos Jr. : NOTICE THE TIME 10:21 AM

Just like Lucy I placed very precise information in there so that I would get his record on top, as I know this stone has already been photographed. 

His profile will come up in the app. Notice the line that says "Tap here to get directions to the headstone".  Once this line is tapped on the pin in the cemetery will pull up just as before. 

Here is where James is buried in the Centerville, Utah Cemetery. If I pinch the map it will enlarge to show my location. (Note: The time is a little off in this photo as I forgot to screenshot this before I left.)

James is the orange pin. My cell phone is the blue dot. If you were to look at this in your cell phone the blue dot flashes. 

I know where the cemetery is in our city, but perhaps I would like directions. I click on the car in the bottom corner. (To protect privacy exact location has not been shared.)

After clicking "go" my phone will direct me to the grave of James Unopulos Jr.

I have arrived at the cemetery and click on end route, as most cemeteries do not have the streets tracked by google maps.

I go back into the app. As you can see, I can still see James's location with the orange pin. My blue in is now in the cemetery. 

I drive my car to the closest point that I can in the cemetery, get out of the car and start walking. 


 I keep walking until the blue pin is almost on top of the orange pin.

I look around for the grave of James Unopulos...It's winter and cold outside, so I do want to make this a quick trip

I pay my respects and drive home.  Notice the time when I have driven home, gone inside and am now sitting at my desk. The time is now 10:40.  If you will look back at my photos I started this process at 10:21am.  Keep in mind that I am taking screenshots (1 min), driving back and forth between the cemetery (12 min), walking into my house and getting settled (2 minutes), and doing all of this with my dog (1 minute) . If I subtract all of the extra time involved this process took a total of 5 minutes or less. I didn't have to call a cemetery sextant or office, find another website with the information or do anything else.  I just used the app.  Pretty Cool Right?