Plan a Group Cemetery Documentation Event 

Across the world, gravestones are deteriorating and erosion is erasing the precious details of our ancestors' lives. BillionGraves, the world’s largest GPS-linked cemetery database, can help. The BillionGraves smartphone app can be used to document gravestones. With BillionGraves, even if a loved one's gravestone is damaged or worn by time, the invaluable information recorded at their final resting place will still be available.

How can you help? You could organize a group for a cemetery documentation event. 

Be creative in your approach! This can be a great way to unite community members. 

For the group, it’s as easy as grabbing their smartphones or tablets, downloading the free BillionGraves app to their devices and heading out to the cemetery. Then they simply take pictures of each gravestone as they walk along. The app will capture the GPS location automatically and in just a short visit hundreds of records can be preserved. When they are finished, they can upload the photos - with one click of a button - so everyone can use them for family history and keep the memories alive of those we honor and love.

All the records gathered with the BillionGraves app are shared with FamilySearch.

Types of Groups You Could Invite:

  • Church groups

  • Youth groups

  • Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts

  • National Honor Society students

  • Genealogical societies

  • 4-H groups

  • Garden clubs

  • Service organizations

  • Service-oriented fraternities and sororities

Working with the Cemetery Sexton

It is polite to contact the sexton (cemetery manager) if one is available (though many cemeteries have been abandoned) to let them know you would like to document the cemetery. 


Here is a link to a BillionGraves blog post titled Hosting a Cemetery Service Project in 8 Easy Steps that is a great guide: 

For additional videos and resources to help you get started, go to:

Guidelines and Videos Created by FamilySearch:

If you are planning a group project with members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, here are some guidelines and three videos that were created by FamilySearch for BillionGraves that will be useful:

BillionGraves Youth Project Instructions, as found on 

For Youth and Youth Leaders: How to Carry Out a BillionGraves Activity

cid:image002.jpg@01D4C6F6.BA0A7910  4:20

FamilySearch Partner | BillionGraves - Cemetery Documentation

For Youth and Youth Leaders: BillionGraves, a Meaningful Youth Activity

cid:image003.jpg@01D4C6F6.BA0A7910  2:47

 FamilySearch Partner | BillionGraves - Just for an Hour, Saved for Eternity

For Stake Presidents, Bishops, Stake and Ward Youth Leaders: How a BillionGraves Activity Will Bless Youth

cid:image004.jpg@01D4C6F6.BA0A7910  4:28

FamilySearch Partner | BillionGraves - Meaningfully Involving Our Youth

If you would like help planning a group project, send an email to and we will be happy to assist you!

Thanks a billion!