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HelpDesk Articles

Once we have received your ticket we will assess the issue and help you find a solution as soon as possible. 

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You will be able to find information about volunteering, transcriptions, taking photos, doing research, and more!


Just one ticket will do the trick!

You only need to create one ticket. 

Creating multiple tickets for the same issue does not expedite your problem. It has the opposite effect. By creating multiple tickets for the same problem, it overwhelms our system. The multiple tickets are merged and actually goes to the back of the line. 

So, in other words, one ticket for one problem is sufficient. 


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Please be Kind

Being polite has never gone out of style and we love to help those who keep this in mind in their communication with staff members. 

Those who choose to treat our staff unkindly will be asked to rephrase their ticket in a more civil tone or they may forfeit their chance at getting their problem addressed quickly. 


Reporting Problems

If the website is having issues or you need something fixed, please be very precise about what the problem is. 

Give us a step by step rundown. Tell us the type of device you are using and the steps you are taking that that create the error. 

Click HERE for more information about how to report a bug on the BillionGraves website.

Click HERE for more information about how to report a bug on the BillionGraves app.


Getting Help with Records

If you are having trouble with a specific record, please send the URL of the record or the individual's name and cemetery location of the record. The URL is the web address found at the top of your computer screen. Please do not send record numbers. 


Verification for Community Service


When you are finished taking photos or transcribing, send an email to support@BillionGraves.com to request verification for your service. 

If you took photos, include the following information in your email:

  • Your name
  • The name of the cemetery
  • County
  • The email address you use to log in to BillionGraves.  

    The email address is needed to track the work done and the amount of time contributed.  This information will not be shared with anyone but is for our own record-keeping purposes and for the Department of Workforce Services, where necessary.

If you transcribed records, just send your BillionGraves email address with your request for verification.  

For more information about getting verification for community service, click HERE. 



Click HERE to submit a ticket to get help from Customer Support.