Tickets are the way we fix problems and address issues on the site.  Here are some things to keep in mind.

#1 Contrary to what you may think, creating multiple tickets for the same issue does not expedite your problem. It has the opposite effect. By creating multiple tickets for the same problem, it overwhelms our system. These are merged and your problem actually goes to the back of the line. In other words, one ticket for one problem is sufficient. 

#2 Who do we love to help? Everyone.  However, priority customers will always come first. Daily, our staff will work with priority first to get their needs addressed. Free customers may have to wait a few days.

#3 Please keep in mind that our staff are people too. You are not addressing machinery, you are addressing real people. Would you swear or shout at your mother, sister, father or best friend? Being polite has never gone out of style, and we love to help those who keep this in mind in their communication with staff members. Those who choose to treat our staff unkindly will be asked to rephrase their ticket in a more civil tone, or will forfeit their chance at getting their problem addressed quickly. 

#4 If the website is having issues, or you need something fixed, please be very precise in what the problem is. Give us a step by step rundown. Tell us the type of device you are using, and the steps you are taking that is creating the error. Please read these articles: 

#5 If you are having trouble with a specific record, telling us to fix Aunt Mary's birth date is impossible for us to work with. You will need to give us the URL of the record (web address) or the individual's name and cemetery location of the record.  We look records up on our website with URL's and really can't do this in any other capacity. Giving us a record number doesn't help our staff, it actually takes more time.