At BillionGraves we are striving for the most accurate records possible. Our transcribers are the best!  However, we all make mistakes at times that need a little fix now and then. Second pass gives our records a second set of eyes to ensure accuracy. 

Please read the following article to learn how to transcribe these records and gain access to these: 

What do these records look like? 

Here is what second pass looks like.

Notice the boxes on the side. These need to be checked off.  Notice that the first transcriber missed the death month. The second pass transcriber, fixes this issue. 

Once these go through a change in second pass, they will be evaluated again for a 3rd pass. 

Do all records in your collection go through a second pass?  

Yes, all records will go through a second pass at some point. 

What does the Life Information Page look like after a second pass? 

Notice two transcribers instead of one. The transcribers can't be the same person, as we want the final person to be different. This allows for another person to look over the transcription to make sure this was done correctly. 

Do we get credit for transcriptions that will go toward a free monthly subscription, and will this go on the leader board?

Yes, you will get credit for second pass transcriptions the same way credit is given for an original transcription both toward the free monthly subscription, and the leader board. 

What do we do with records that have information, not apparent on the stone, but extra information that might have been found elsewhere?

Sometimes, first transcribers will go to great lengths to ensure high quality records. If you come across one of these either with a photo with no headstone image, but information, this may be an unmarked grave. PLEASE mark it as good. If you come across a headstone that is difficult to read, but there is information on it. PLEASE just mark this off as a good transcription. DO NOT "fix" this to an unknown. Many of our researchers have spent countless hours to ensure these graves are marked appropriately.  Many stones in older cemeteries are impossible to read. Our wonderful researchers have ensured that these people are not forgotten, often marking these graves and placing them into FamilySearch for others to find. We want to keep it this way!  Thank You!

Why are you doing this? 

This will help ensure HIGH QUALITY transcriptions. This process also ensures high genealogical standards in our work. Many of those familiar with the process of transcribing for FamilySearch will see this as a standard practice in the industry.