*** Note attempting this make sure you have a FamilySearch account, and you are logged into it. Here is an article explaining how to do this if you don't have an account yet....don't worry IT'S FREE!


FamilySearch is a world-wide tree that is free to the public and contains many rich records, that can't be found elsewhere. We love linking BillionGraves to FamilySearch because it helps people connect to other family often overlooked, and shows relationships to many people buried next to each other in cemeteries. 

FamilySearch has a series of letters and numbers associated with each record.  These are called the PID numbers, or Personal Identification Numbers.  They look like the series of records found below. 

On this record the PID number is highlighted in yellow. Each individual in the world family tree will have a letter number combination associated with a certain individual. By linking these on BillionGraves, you can look up the individual in FamilySearch as well. Not all records are correct in FamilySearch as this is a work in progress world-wide.  I look for records with sources. This one for example has over 105 sources so you know that it is a good high quality record. 

Here is the same individual in BillionGraves. By clicking on FamilySearch, it will pull up the record if it is attached. 

As you can see, these both match each other as the dates for birth and death are the same and it is also a record located in the same city. I could reject this record If I wanted to. 

Let me show you on a record currently being transcribed:

This is a stone for William Edward Burke Faithful born in 1820 and who died in 1893. I know this is his name as I just transcribed some of his other family members stones located in the same cemetery. 
I click on FamilySearch...

You will notice that after clicking on the button, a match is made with FamilySearch. As all the information matches in the boxes, I can click accept. If I wasn't sure, I could click on the FamilySearch record highlighted in blue to see if it is a good match BEFORE accepting the record. This is a good match, so I will click accept. 

After accepting the record, perhaps I would like  to look at this record in FamilySearch. Click on the name on the FamilySearch Side. 

By clicking on the name in blue, (highlighted in yellow above). I can pull up the record in FamilySearch. Notice the PID number highlighted again in yellow. 

If I scroll down on this record you can see William Edward Burke Faithful's family. He had two wives Sarah and Josephine...both buried in the same cemetery. Both also have PID numbers that can be placed in the boxes in BillionGraves. You can also look for children that match this family. 

***  Note: Often you will find children buried in a cemetery with parents names.  These records are often overlooked in families.  This is my favorite activity in a cemetery, that of linking families together, especially children who died in between Census records.