We just thought we would let our users know why we are experiencing some technical issues as of late. We have received some emails from very worried individuals.  However, there is no cause for alarm, as we are actually improving our website.  
As we live in times where costs are going up everywhere, making life very expensive for everyone; we are trying to keep costs down for our subscribers. To do so, our wonderful technical staff is working tirelessly to help us become more independent from other websites, we have used in the past to run our site. For example, using Map Box instead of Google Maps as Google Maps wanted to raise their prices to us by almost three times as much. Purchasing our own servers rather than relying on other companies who want to charge us double the cost of doing business, etc. 
Yesterday, we were experiencing a little issue, but once the issue was discovered, it was resolved rather quickly.  We appreciate your patience as we try to streamline and update our website. 
We are still experiencing a little bit of a problem with our "people helped count".  It has been turned off on many of our records for the moment, as it was slowing down the upload of our record pages and our site as a whole.  At this time, we are working on ensuring that other features are working as expected and hope you will understand that the "people helped" feature will be turned off for the time being. 
The "people helped" feature will not really affect anything else on the site including those transcribing and photographing to earn their monthly subscription. 
The BillionGraves Team
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