Here are the steps you can take to find the grave of a specific person on BillionGraves.

BillionGraves Website:

#1 Log in to

#2 Click Search BillionGraves  (upper right-hand corner).

#3 Click People Search (left side).

#4 Fill in the Last Name (required field), and optional fields as appropriate.

#5 Click Search.

Too many results? Add first name, dates, and/or locations.

No results? Broaden your search by removing the first name, dates, and/or locations.

Can't find the person, but know the cemetery? If you are still unable to get results, please make a photo request (See: How do I make a photo request?)  

Step #2

Step #3

Steps #4 & 5

What if my search continues to load without results?

#1 Check your Internet connection.

#2 Click the page refresh button, or press ctrl+r (PC) or cmd+r (Mac) or the F5 button labeled "replace". 

Issue not resolved? Try using your browser’s latest version.

Issue still not resolved? Submit a ticket to Customer Support.


To learn how to search for a cemetery on, click HERE. 

Do you need more help?  Click Here to create a ticket.