If you don't have a BillionGraves account:

#1 Goto https://billiongraves.com/

#2 Type First Name (optional) and Last Name (required) in the Find Their Graves form.

#3 Click Start your search.

Direct link:

BG search page.

FYI: You need a BillionGraves account to edit records.

If you have a BillionGraves account:

#1 Log in to BG.

#2 Click Search BillionGraves  (upper right hand corner).

#3 Click People Search (left side).

#4 Fill in Last Name (required field), and optional fields as appropriate.

#5 Click Search.

To many results? Add first name, dates and/or locations.

No results? Broaden search by removing the first name, dates and/or locations.