Creating a BillionGraves account will give you member privileges, allow you to receive updates, and protect your data. 

Member Privileges:

* You may take photos with the free BillionGraves app. 

* You may upload headstone images with the free BillionGraves app.

* You may transcribe headstone images to make them searchable.

* You may upload supporting records (e.g., birth certificates, obituaries).

* You may modify existing records.

* You may communicate with our community of users.

* You may communicate with other contributors.

* You may participate in BillionGraves competitions and incentives.

* You may participate in exclusive offers from BillionGraves partners. 


BillionGraves may need to communicate changes to the program or issue updates regarding member privileges.


BillionGraves protects the data from hackers and nefarious activity online.