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BillionGraves search page.

FYI: You need a BillionGraves account to edit records.

If you have a BillionGraves account:

#1 Log in to BillionGraves.

#2 Click Search BillionGraves  (upper right hand corner).

#3 Click Cemetery Search (right side).

#4 Fill in Search by cemetery or location box (upper left hand corner). *** Extra Steps see Below

#5 Press the Enter or Return key.

#6 Click a blue , green , or orange cemetery icon for popup cemetery information.

#7 Click the cemetery name to access the BillionGraves cemetery page.

#4a Click on the pin after typing in the name of the cemetery

#4b Fill in the Country, State, County and City Boxes (Not all countries have counties. This will give you a more specific search.)

#4c  Click Filter By Location

#4d  Scroll out from the large screen to see a list of cemeteries below

Search Example (not case sensitive)

Cemetery name: Greenwood Cemetery

Cemetery location (city): Columbia, TN or Columbia, Tennessee

Cemetery location (county): Maury County

Cemetery Icons

 Click for name of cemetery (This cemetery has not been filmed yet, or does not have photos taken with the app.).

 Click for name of cemetery and number of headstone images. (This cemetery has photos taken with the app. It may or may not be completely filmed.)_

 Click for name of cemetery, number of headstone images, and number of photo requests. (This cemetery has a photo request  from a user. The cemetery may or may not be completely filmed.)

Step #2

Step #3

Step #4

Step # 4a-d For more in depth searches

Step #4a

Step #4b

Step #4c

Step #4d

Step #5-7