If you don’t have a BillionGraves account:

#1 Goto https://billiongraves.com/.

#2 Scroll to Research Records, click Learn More .

#3 Click Cemetery Search (right side).

#4 Continue with step #4 below.

Direct link:

BillionGraves search page.

FYI: You need a BillionGraves account to edit records.

If you have a BillionGraves account:

#1 Log in to BillionGraves.

#2 Click Search BillionGraves  (upper right hand corner).

#3 Click Cemetery Search (right side).

#4 Fill in Search by cemetery or location box (upper left hand corner).

#5 Press the Enter or Return key.

#6 Click a blue , green , or orange cemetery icon for popup cemetery information.

#7 Click the cemetery name to access the BillionGraves cemetery page.

Search Examples (not case sensitive)

Cemetery name: Fairview City Cemetery

Cemetery location (city): Fairview, UT or Fairview, Utah

Cemetery location (county): Sanpete County

Cemetery Icons

 Click for name of cemetery (there are no headstone images).

 Click for name of cemetery and number of headstone images.

 Click for name of cemetery, number of headstone images, and number of photo requests.