Upload 100 plus images before using this feature. 

If the pin is off by quite a bit, such as in the road outside of the cemetery, this is caused by a poor GPS signal. 

#1 Locate the pin in question on the volunteer page and click on it.  

#2 Click on the names associated with the poor GPS image

From the Life Information Page 

#3 Scroll down the page and find Grave Site of .... 

#4 Click the pencil icon  (right side of the title bar).

#5 Click and hold the gravesite pin .

#6 Move the pin to the correct location; release the mouse button.

#7 Click CANCEL to undo change.

#8 Click SAVE CHANGES  to keep change. GPS coordinates are automatically updated.

Step 1 & 2

Step 3 & 4

Step 6-8