It displays a list of cemeteries relatively close to the selected cemetery. Distances appear on the right side of the row.

#1 Click Search BillionGraves  to find an existing cemetery.

#2 Click Nearby Cemeteries (left hand column).

#3 Click a cemetery name to make it the current cemetery.

Nearby Cemetery Map

#1 Click the map icon  (right side of the title bar) to show nearby cemeteries at another location.

#2 Click a map pin for the cemetery name and number of BillionGraves app images (if any).

#3 Click the cemetery name to make it the current cemetery.

MAP LEGEND (below the map)

 Cemetery with 1000+ BillionGraves images.

 Cemetery with BillionGraves images.

 Cemetery with less than 20 BillionGraves images.

 Cemetery with no BillionGraves images.

OTHER INFORMATION (below the map)

 As you move the map around, and other cemeteries come into view, the number of cemeteries in view is updated.

 Move map around (click and hold) to bring other cemeteries into view. Use plus  icon to zoom in, and the minusicon to zoom out. Zoom icons are in the lower right hand corner.

 Zoom in to see cemeteries with no images.

 To add a cemetery, zoom in on its location. Click the link (Add a new cemetery) that appears here after you zoom in.