The nearby cemeteries column displays a list of cemeteries relatively close to the selected cemetery. Distances appear below the name of the cemetery.

#1 Click Search BillionGraves.  to find an existing cemetery.

#2 Click on the tab labeled Volunteer that is below the name of the cemetery.

#3 Scroll down to Nearby Cemeteries. 

#4 Click a  blue cemetery name to make it the current cemetery.

Find a Cemetery

  • Click HERE to find out how to download the BillionGraves app and to find a cemetery to document.
    • Click the pins on the map to see the cemetery name.
    • Click on the cemetery name to see the cemetery page.
    • View the cemetery page map to see if pictures have already been taken at that cemetery.

Determine Where to take Pictures

  • Orange dots on the cemetery map represent where pictures have already been taken.

  • You may need to zoom in on the cemetery map.
  • Look for a section in the cemetery that is not covered with orange dots.
  • If there are sections without orange dots, then your service is needed to photograph that cemetery!