Transcriptions: You can delete a mistake in transcription.  This will be a soft delete of the record.  If a mistake is made it can be restored. The delete button is the three dots next to the pencil on the transcription page. 

Step #1 Click on the three dots. Choose "Delete Record"

Step #2- After the record is deleted it will turn red.  If a mistake has been made, the transcription can be restored.  Simply click on the blue restore button.  If a transcription needs a hard deletion, contact customer support with the URL of the record page. 

Images: You can delete images that you have uploaded yourself if they have not been transcribed yet. But they can't be deleted once they are transcribed. You can, however, request that BillionGraves Customer Support Department remove a record. 

To Request An Image or Hard Transcription Removal:

Step #1 Submit a ticket to Customer Support.  

Step #2 Include the record’s URL in the Description Box of the support ticket. The URL* is the web address for the record. 

*URL's look like this:

Not all requests for image removal will be approved.  We only remove images if there is an issue with it, such as blurry or inappropriate images. 

You may ask why we don't allow individuals to delete records. It is to prevent mistakes. Once a photo is gone, it is gone forever, unless another photo is taken. Here at BillionGraves, we go through a 2-deep process to delete records and cemeteries. It keeps these records safe for everyone!

To Submit a ticket, Click HERE