Any record added to BillionGraves not using the BillionGraves app. These can be photographs or documents, but must be in an image file such as .jpg, .gif, .png or other raw image files.

Here are some examples:

  • Photographs taken of headstones outside of the app.
  • Burial Records.
  • Death Certificates.
  • Historic Records.
  • Memorial Plaque/Monuments.
  • Obituaries.
  • Other pertinent documents such as magazine articles, newspaper clippings etc.. 

***For information as to how to add these files click HERE.

Here are some photographic examples of these types of records:

Headstone Images- This photo was taken years ago outside of the app, before BillionGraves existed. This is a supporting record as the GPS was not in existence.  I can add this as a supporting record to a cemetery, or as a photo to support a current BillionGraves GPS record. 

Death Certificate & Burial Record- It states when this individual died it also states at the bottom the cemetery for removal. (Bethel Cemetery Near Greenville, Texas)

Historic Record- States military service as well as this gentleman was wounded in the Battle of Chickamouga.  I also talked to park rangers at Chickamouga to know that this man was lucky enough to survive as the unit stormed the Union cannon, and very few lived to tell about it.  This conversation can be placed in the notes in the military section, or in the epitaph/ notes section. 


I can add this in as a separate supporting record, a photograph supporting a current GPS record, or place in the memories section on the Life Information Page.