If you know of a cemetery that is not in our database, please add it in for everyone!  

For Android

#1 Log in to the BillionGraves app.

#2 Tap on Find Cemeteries.

#3 Click the + button  in the upper right-hand corner.

#4 Fill out the form with the cemetery name and address.

Please keep in mind that the cemetery will need to be approved by our staff. If you take photos in an unmarked cemetery, they will be attributed to the closest cemetery that is approved. Once the cemetery is approved, the photos will be attributed to the correct location.  

If there are issues with this, please contact support HERE. The cemeteries may need to be recalculated by our staff.  Make sure you have the URL's of all cemeteries that need to be recalculated.  

Thank You!  

Step #2

Step #3

Step #4


Click HERE to learn how to add a new cemetery using the BillionGraves website.


Click HERE to learn how to add a new cemetery using an iPhone device

Questions??? To create a ticket click HERE