If you come across two photos of the same gravestone, you can merge them. Here's how:

#1 On the Life Information Page, make the vital information (given names, family names, birth and death dates) exactly the same in both records. Periods, commas, accent marks, and diacritics also must match. 

#2 Reload the record.

#3 If the records are the same, the merge icon will appear in the title bar (The merge button is found in the Life Information section on the right-hand side. It looks like a split arrow pointing upward.)

#4 Click the merge icon.

#5 Click the orange Merge button.

#6 To return to the original record, click the back arrow. 

Step #1

The two gravestones pictures below appear to be the same. Check to be sure all of the vital information (names and dates) matches. In the image below, one of the records has a period after the middle initial "P" which will need to be edited in transcription so they match. 

Step #2 & 3

Notice that after making both records match and refreshing the page (F5 button) for the top record, the merge symbol appeared. 

Step #4 & 5

After clicking on the merge icon both records will appear. Click merge and wait a moment. The records will merge.

Step #6