Linking Images with the BillionGraves App

If a gravestone has data on more than one side (for example, parents on one side and children on the other side) there is a way to link them together. Just click on the chain icon in the corner of your screen between each photo that you would like to link (front side, chain icon, backside). 

You can use this linking feature for obelisks that have data on four sides. You can also use it to link a large gravestone with a family surname on it to nearby smaller gravestones with the family member's first names on them. 

Sometimes images get linked incorrectly so they may need to be fixed. 

Link or unlink an image:

#1 Log in to BillionGraves.

#2 Click Search BillionGraves  to find an existing record.

#3 Click Life Information (left hand column).

#4 Click the pencil icon   (right side of title bar).

#5 Click Transcription Page.

#6 Click Link More Images (bottom of display).

#7 Choose the nearby image that should be linked.