If you submitted a new cemetery and it was not approved, consider the following questions.

#1 Did you include the name and GPS coordinates of the cemetery? If you don’t know the cemetery name, use the address.

#2 Did you include the cemetery address: city, state, zip, country (step 1 in the process)?

#3 Did you verify the cemetery location on the BillionGraves map (step 2 in the process)?

#4 Did you verify the cemetery information a final time (step 3 in the process) and click Submit?

#5 Did you include a cemetery boundary? (Although not required, cemeteries with boundaries are approved much faster!)

#6 If you followed these steps, verified the information provided, and the cemetery was still not approved, submit a ticket to Customer Support and we'll see what we can do to help you!

Click HERE to learn about how to add a new cemetery.

Do you need help?  Click HERE.  This will create a ticket for our support staff.