You can use the BillionGraves website or the BillionGraves app to find a cemetery to document. Each cemetery has a map that will help you to figure out where to start taking photos. 

Cemetery Icons on the BillionGraves App and Website.  

Each cemetery icon color represents the type of volunteer needed in a cemetery. 

 Blue icons indicate that no headstone photos have been taken in that cemetery yet.

             Click on the pin for the name of the cemetery, and it's location. 

Blue icons are cemeteries with NO DOCUMENTATION!  

These cemeteries are great because can begin taking photos anywhere, or document the entire cemetery as no photos have been taken with the app here. These cemeteries are rewarding as you will be the first to photograph any images captured. 

 Green icons indicate that the cemetery is either entirely or partially photographed.

            Click on the pin for the name of the cemetery, it's location and number of photos taken there. 

Green icons are cemeteries with FULL OR PARTIAL DOCUMENTATION.

Where to Start Taking Photos In A Partially Documented Cemetery.                                                                                        

#1 Orange dots or pins on the map indicate where GPS-linked photos have been taken and transcribed. Green dots or pins on the map indicate where GPS-linked photos have been taken, but need transcription. 

#2 If there are areas with gravestones that have no orange or green dots or pins, then your service is needed to photograph that section of the cemetery.  


#3 Go up and down the rows, taking pictures of each gravestone until you have completed an entire section or the entire cemetery.

NOTE: If there are a few random orange dots or pins throughout the cemetery, just take photos of the entire rows and sections anyway. Any images that are duplicated will be merged during the transcription process.

Orange icons are cemeteries with or without documentation, where a user has requested a photo. 

 Orange icons indicate that someone has requested a photo of a specific headstone at that cemetery. Click for the name of the cemetery, its location, the number of headstone images, and the number of photo requests. NOTE: When you find the headstone requested, it may be a good idea to photograph the surrounding stones as well. Many families are buried together.

Find a Cemetery to Photograph Using the BillionGraves Website and App

From the main page on the website:


#1 Click Research

#2 From the drop down menu choose Cemetery Search.

#3 The cemeteries in your local area will appear. Click on one of the cemetery icons.  


Find a Cemetery to Photograph Using the BillionGraves App

#1 From the main screen of the app, tap on Find Cemeteries.  

#2 Tap on one of the cemetery icons on the map. (Remember the meaning behind the colors.)

#3 Tap on the name of the cemetery. More information about that cemetery will appear.                  

#4 For partially documented cemeteries: On the blue bar, there are three white icons. Tap on the center icon labeled Cemetery Map.   

#5 Zoom in for areas on the map without pins. For a partially documented cemetery, this is where attention is needed. 

Do you need extra help? Click HERE to create a ticket.