This headstone from Rose Hill Cemetery in Creighton, Knox, Nebraska, is difficult to read since the inscription is worn and faded. However, the date is fairly easy to read. The name starts with a C. The date of death is 31 December 1890. 

Compare it to Other Photos

For this one, I will use another website to see if I can figure out who this belongs to. I looked up Rose Hill Cemetery in Creighton, Nebraska and it looks as though there is a matching stone.

As I pull up the photo and compare both images I can see that indeed they are the same stone. The other photo, however, was taken years ago when the stone wasn't so worn. 

You might ask, "Why go through this trouble as it is already online?"  Here is the difference between the BillionGraves website and others - if I have BillionGraves Plus, I can see who is buried around Christian.

And most importantly, thanks to BillionGraves' GPS feature, I can see where he's buried within the cemetery . . . no one else does this!

For ALL our users, free or BillionGraves Plus, you can use the app to locate the gravesite of a loved one in just minutes. This is the important part of what BillionGraves does and GPS coordinates make all the difference. You can simply place the name in the app and walk directly to the stone within just a few feet. How is that for technology? 

Other Tips for Transcribing Difficult Headstones

  • Many gravestones, especially ones that are flat on the ground, become covered with leaves, dirt, or mud. A quick brushing can make all the difference in being able to read the names and dates. Be sure the brush is soft so it doesn’t damage the headstone. Bird-droppings, weed seeds, and light dust can easily be removed with just a rag.
  • A toothbrush is great for brushing dirt, dried grass, or lichen out of engraved letters and numbers. Again be sure it is a soft brush so it won't damage the gravestones. 
  • A little spritz of water from a spray bottle can sometimes make older gravestones legible.

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