BillionGraves Plus is an optional upgrade. It is NOT required to upload pictures, add cemeteries, or search records. You upload pictures with the free BillionGraves app.


Family Notifications

No more searching day after day looking for a particular ancestor! We do the work for you! Set up a request that notifies you when the record you are looking for becomes available anywhere in the world. BillionGraves emails a photo and headstone link as soon as it is available.

Nearby Graves

Family members are often buried close to each other, but may have different last names. Nearby Graves shows headstones two ways: (1) based on name; and (2) based on distance from the original headstone. This feature may enable you to find missing relatives, or relatives you didn’t know about.

Family Plots

Most people (70 percent) are buried in family plots. See where people with the same family name are buried. Finding one person can mean finding a whole family, but only with BillionGraves Plus.

Global Family

Families move around; family members aren’t always buried in the same city. This BillionGraves Plus feature searches for a matching family name all over the world, to potentially discover an otherwise unknown family member.

Priority Support

Your support questions move to the front of the line. You are entitled to your own little button to recieve first class support when you need it. 

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Partner Discounts

BillionGraves partners with other family research providers who offer fascinating tools of their own. You get access to these tools with BillionGraves Plus members-only discounts. 

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