Here are some stones marked unreadable by some of our transcribers:

The stone here is in Latin and ancient. It was red flagged and marked unreadable by our English transcribers.  Just because a stone is not in your native language does not make it unreadable. Please DO NOT Red Flag these. If you can't read it, skip it or mark the proper language by using the language flag. This one should be marked Latin. I did take this photo, and it was in Santa Croce Basilica in Italy. I do not speak Italian or Latin, but I do know we have users who will eventually be able to transcribe these. 

Here is another one. This one was marked as unreadable by a user. Guess what? This is King Henry VII, Holy Roman Emperor!  The Latin underneath is perfectly legible. However, as it is not in English it was marked unreadable. If you don't know the language, don't mark it as unreadable, either mark the proper language or skip it!

Are you missing some photos that you knew were taken? Chances are they may have been marked "unreadable" by someone red-flagging them. How do I find these?

First follow directions for transcribing photos you have taken yourself by getting into your albums.

Once in your Album or in My Uploaded Photos Click on Reported Images

Notice how many of these I have in my Reported Images Queue

Some of these are images that I know who is buried there, so I will need to go in and transcribe. I will do a few examples:

Here is one that is beautiful, but it is too blurry to transcribe.  This one shouldn't be tucked away but rather changed. Click on the red flag in transcription and mark this as Cemetery Gate or Property. This moves the image to cemetery images.

This was marked unreadable.  Again this photo is not blurry, or fuzzy. You can clearly see the worlds "In Memory Of". Underneath, the name is harder to read. However, if I can't read it skip it. If you perhaps have a hard time with the view or you do not want to take the time to research, skip it.  The name for an experience headstone reader is James Farrell, Born November 22, 1891. The death date is tough, as it is unreadable on the stone. I also can't seem to find this stone elsewhere, so I just leave the birth date. I can also go back to the cemetery and try to take another photo that includes the death date. After transcription red flag this by marking the photo as good. This will remove the photo from reported images. 

If the photo is blurry, fuzzy or needs removal click delete images. You are given this option if you were the photo taker.