Many people would love to be able to personalize a family memorial for their loved ones. Our wonderful technical staff has also allowed this magic to happen here at BillionGraves. 

Here is one example. This is the memorial for my great aunt. She did not have the opportunity to marry, so she dedicated her life to preserving our family's heritage and genealogy. Great-Aunt Bertha was an amazing woman who, although she never had children of her own, should be remembered!  

Add Photos, Death Certificates, Birth Records, and other Documents. 

BillionGraves Life Information pages already have images of the individual's gravestone. You can now add other photos as well. Click on "add images" at the top of the page. Then add photographs, death certificates, birth records, and other documents. 

Multiple photos of the same grave can be added from different periods of time. 

I originally photographed Bertha's headstone with an early model digital camera in 2012. After upgrading my phone in 2019, I took another photo of her gravestone. Notice both grave photos shown in the photo carousel, under the main photo. There is a significant difference in quality between the iPhone 5 and the iPhone XR, WOW! 

Hint: (This is also a tip for those who took a photo of a loved one's grave 10 years ago - it may be time for a new photo!)

The carousel contains two types of photos. GPS-linked photos appear first, followed by personal photos or other documents. 

Notice that I added personal photos of Bertha so that a face could be put with the gravestone image, making this much more personal. My favorite photo is the sepia-toned image that is next to her name at the top of the page. If I had not uploaded a personal photo, the favored gravestone photo would appear at the top by her name.

It's easy to change the main photo. See the white photo icon above? 

Clicking on the icon will change it from white to orange. Orange indicates that it will be the main photo displayed. 

To change the main image, click on a different photo in the carousel. Then click on the white camera icon on that photo. It will change from white to orange. 

When the page is refreshed, the newly chosen image will then be displayed at the top next to the individual's name.

Notice the change made to the photo at the top by changing the photo icon from white to orange.

This will be the photo displayed on the Life Information page. 

The main GPS-linked gravestone photo will still be the photo displayed for searches. 

You can also add obituaries and stories to Life Information pages to create a history of each individual.  These can be added by clicking on "Add a memory" at the top of the page.

When you click on the "Add a memory" button, it will take you to this page, where you can add information, a life story, obituary, or a link to another website. Click the blue "Save "button when you are done.

The stories, obituaries, or other information you have added will appear in the "Memories" section at the bottom of the Life Information page. 

Personalization brings a depth and richness to each person displayed, making their Life Information pages much more meaningful.  One of the main goals in genealogy is to bring history and people to life. Give it a try!  It is fun and very rewarding!

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