If you have visited a cemetery and know you have some images missing, there may be a few reasons why.

Reason #1- Check to be sure all of your images have uploaded from the app. If they have not, they can be re-uploaded by clicking on photos, choosing the cemetery, clicking edit, selecting the photos you want to re-upload, and click re-upload. Photos that have been uploaded will have a date on them. Those that do not have a date have not uploaded properly. 

Reason #2- Not all images are approved right away. If the BillionGraves system identifies a glitch of any kind, the photos will need to be approved manually by staff members one at a time. This can sometimes take a few days. You are welcome to send us a kind note and inquire as to whether or not we have gone through the image approval process that day. Typically this may take 5-7 business days. 

Reason #3- Sometimes well-meaning users will red-flag images that are challenging to read. If your image is red-flagged and marked as blurred, unreadable, not a headstone, or no information to transcribe, it will go into a file in your account. This can be changed! 

Here is how to address this issue.

Step #1- Go to your dashboard on the home page.

Step #2- Scroll down to My Photos and click on See All.

Step #3- Click on Statistics. This will take you to your statistics page. 

Step #4- Click on any of the areas in blue you are concerned about.

Step #5- Choose Corrupt Images.  Corrupt images can happen when the phone runs out of memory. The photos will not save, but a place holder is saved where the photo should be. The only way to get rid of these is to remove them one at a time. Right-click on one of these and choose delete,  or if there are over 50 of these, you can send in a request to support to have these deleted from your account. 

Step #6- Going back to the statistic page, Choose The Headstone is Unreadable. (Transcribers try to be helpful, but I see a few of these that are very readable, so I click on one of these.)

Step #7 & 8 -When the image is clicked on, the photo is sent to the transcription queue. Click rotate. Indeed, this is very readable. Click on the red flag and choose The Photo is Good.  This removes the photo from reported images file. 

Step #9- Transcribe the image, and match it with FamilySearch if this is possible. 

Step #10- Go back to My Statistics page. As you can see, we removed both the corrupted images and we have also transcribed one of the Headstone is Unreadable images, reducing our total from 22 to 21. This also changes the Pie Chart totals.  If you follow through with these steps it will change your statistics and remove headstones from your Reported Images file. 

Do you need help? Click HERE to create a ticket. This will get sent to our help desk staff.