1. Worldwide we do not want apostrophes and periods in the names of cemeteries.  If a cemetery is named St. Peter's Cemetery,  please list the name as St Peters Cemetery on our site. This will help us to have more universal naming practices on the website. If the placard outside of the cemetery has the name spelled out, such as Saint Peter's Cemetery, it should be named Saint Peters Cemetery on the site, as the local naming practice is given priority. 

2. Universally, we would also like the name "churchyard or graveyard", depending on how the locals name it, to be used if a cemetery is around a church, and "cemetery" to be used in a burial ground, not associated with a church.  Again, if there is a placard at a cemetery with the name "memorial park" or "burial ground", we leave it just as it is locally.  

Naming specifically for the UK
1- Follow the worldwide naming practice found above. 
2- As many places of burial are in churchyards, and many churches in the country have the same name, the name of the town is also found in the cemetery name as well. Please place these after the church name with a comma.  These will look like this:

St Peters Churchyard, Shipley

St Peters Churchyard, Batley

St Peters Churchyard, Huddersfield

If these practices are followed, searching will be easier for everyone!

Thanks, A Billion!