Just like other websites, you can link family members and display relationships on the life information page. 

Here is the grave of William Ellery Sr. one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence. Family relationships are placed further down on the life information page. On this particular page, his son William Ellery Jr. is listed as another individual buried in the plot.  

For now, it just states under family that William Ellery Jr., is buried in the same plot and the relationship is not listed.  If I would like to list the relationship, I click on the plus sign on relationships on the headstone.


After clicking on the plus sign, this box opens.  Type in William Ellery Jr. in the boxes, click on the relationship box, choose the relationship and click "Add Relationship". 

If you would like to add other family members. You can click add family members at the top or click on the plus sign on relationships added by users. 


There are other Ellery family members buried in the same cemetery.  We will start with another son Edmund Ellery. Click on "Add Family" or the "Relationship added by users" plus sign. 

#1-Type in the information of the individual you would like to add. Click Search. 

#2- Click on the Add Relationship box and choose the relationship.

Once the relationship is added it will appear.  When you are finished, click done. 

Repeat for other relationships.