Photos taken with the BillionGraves app need to be transcribed so they can become searchable for public view.  

To begin transcribing, go to and log in to your BillionGraves account.

There are two types of transcriptions: First Pass and Second Pass. 

First Pass is the initial transcription of an image. Second Pass is a "quality control" check of an image. Both are very important to maintain data integrity. 

This article will give an overview of First Pass. Select the links below for further information about each of the fields on the transcription form. 


Select the links below to learn about other functions on the transcription page. 

  • Next Person

  • Multiple Headstone Images

  • Link More Images

  • Merge Duplicates

  • Form Settings: Date Order

  • Form Settings: Auto Capitalize

  • Form Settings: Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Transcription Filters: Location

  • Transcription Filters: Language

  • Transcription Filters: Type - 1st Pass & 2nd Pass

  • Editing Records

  • Rotating Images