The "Given Names" box is the first box on the right-hand side of the transcription field.

  • Given names include first names and middle names.

  • Enter given names as they appear. Do not correct misspellings.

  • If no given name is listed, leave the given name field blank. Do not enter words such as “null” or “none”.

  • If you cannot read portions of the given name, just enter what you see and leave the rest blank. Do not add question marks “?” or dots “. . . “.

  • If there is no given name listed, you may enter terms listed on the gravestone such as “mother”, “father”, “baby”, “infant”, “unknown”, “unidentified”, or “daughter of” in the given name field.

  • Do not include prefixes (such as Dr., Mr., or Mrs.) in the given name field. To add a prefix, select the button labeled “add more information” and then add the prefix field.

  • If there is a nickname, enter it inside quotation marks, such as “Buddy”.

  • If the given names are entered as initials, enter them as they appear. For example, “John M.” or “S. L.” or “CW”.

  • If you have done additional research to find the full given name, enter it in the given name field and then add your source(s) of information to the “Notes/Additional Sources” field.

How do I do this?

Step 1: Type in the given name of this individual, which would be "Sarah E.".


Step 2: Select the tab button to advance to the next field on the transcription form.