BillionGraves is striving to have the most accurate records possible. Our transcribers are the best! However, we all make mistakes at times that need a little fix now and then. Second-pass gives BillionGraves records a second set of eyes to ensure accuracy. 

Common Questions Regarding Second Pass

What do Second-Pass transcriptions look like? 

Below is an image of a Second-Pass photo and transcription form. How can you tell the difference?  The form on the right already has the names and dates filled in. It also has a red edit box and a green check box. 

During Second-Pass, the transcriber will go through each category on the form.  The transcriber chooses the green check mark if the transcription is correct.  If editing is required, the transcriber will choose the red pencil box. If an edit is needed, after choosing the edit box, the transcriber can type in the desired information. Once finished with the edit, the transcriber will choose the green check mark.  Once all of the categories have been checked, the green and red boxes will disappear from the form.  

However, this transcription is missing the epitaph, and it needs to be added.  How can this be added? 

First, click on the pencil next to the individual's name to open up the entire form.  

Next, click on "Add More Information".  Then, click on the epitaph box, to check the box and add it to the form. 


Once "Beloved wife, mother, grandmother" has been added in the epitaph box, the transcriber will need to save the information.   

After this has been saved, a new transcription form will appear to verify. 

Do all records in your collection go through a second pass?  

Yes, all records will go through a second pass at some point. 

Why are you doing a Second Pass? 

This will help ensure high-quality transcriptions. This process also ensures high genealogical standards in our work. Many of those familiar with the process of transcribing or indexing as done by FamilySearch will see this as a standard practice in the industry.