From the App

#1 Make sure you are logged into the BillionGraves app. (The user and password are the same as on the website.)

#2 On the home page click photos.

#3 Scroll down to the bottom of the page.

#4 Click the upload button.

#5 Leave the app open and watch the number of uploads count down.

#6 When the upload button disappears all of your photos are uploaded onto the website.

#7 Once the images have all uploaded you can delete them from your device so you don't use up all of your device storage space. 

*** You must leave the app open while uploading. (If something interrupts the app as you are uploading (such as receiving a phone call) it may keep spinning but not uploading. Don't worry though, your photos are safe! Just click "cancel" and then click "upload" again and uploading will resume.)