As a company we are very different from other websites out there. Our goal is to preserve precious records found in cemeteries throughout the world. We use modern technology to capture images of headstones with their GPS locations so users worldwide can access those records anywhere. By using GPS technology to capture headstone data, users can know for certain where their ancestors are from as the GPS information is precise. There is no guessing  with GPS coordinates. 

In order to obtain this data, we rely on volunteers from specific areas to add to our collection. JustServe is a great platform for this as those who volunteer to collect this information are helping their communities. By documenting cemeteries, users are preserving a part of the past.  For smaller communities, with little resources, BillionGraves may be the only documentation in cemeteries with GPS markers.  These records in turn can have multiple uses.  These include: cemetery mapping data, preservation of historical data and artisanship, as well as genealogical data that can only be found in cemeteries.