We are so happy that you asked this question, as large cemeteries are best done in organized groups.  

Here are some suggestions:

Organize Your Group

  • Go out and take a few pictures before you take a large group to the cemetery so that you will be better able to answer questions.
  • Have your group register and install the app (iOS, Android) before going to the cemetery. Internet access at the cemetery may be limited.
    • Only devices that have a camera and GPS hardware can be used.
    • WiFi only iPads and iPods do not have GPS hardware.
  • Create a cemetery event and invite your group to participate in the event. (optional)
  • During the main project, the leader should NOT take pictures. He/She should organize the group - be available to answer questions and direct traffic.
  • Bring the following items with you to the cemetery.
    • Plenty of drinking water
    • Bug spray and sun block
    • Something to completely shade headstones that are in partial shade like a blanket, umbrella or car window shade
    • Flat headed shovel to remove dirt that may be covering a headstone
    • A spray bottle with water to help remove dirt or bring out the lettering on difficult to read headstones
    • Extra battery packs if you have them
  • Teach your group how to take pictures, link successive images, and upload images.
  • You may also want to teach your volunteers how to transcribe headstone data on the app. This should only be done for headstones that are difficult to read.


  • One groups are organized try going row by row in the cemetery this ensures that all stones are photographed. 
  • Take photographs of all stones.  Some of these may be unreadable, but historical societies and cemeteries may have records of who is buried there.
  • Mapping areas of a cemetery and assigning these to specific groups gets the job done in an organized fashion, especially for very large cemeteries. 
  • If there is more than one photo made of a headstone, no problem!  These can be merged later! 

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