BillionGraves website and app are being translated into many languages and if you are fluent in one of them, we would love to have your help!

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Getting Started

#1 Log in to BillionGraves.

#2 Be sure to Update your fluent languages.

#3 Submit a ticket to Customer Service stating the language you would like to translate. 

#4 Click on Volunteer.

#5 Click on Other Tools.

#6 Click on Help Translate Pages.

#7 Choose Language on the top drop down menu.

#8 Choose Web Page you would like to work on.

#9 Choose a word or phrase you would like to translate. 

#10 Type the word or phrase into the Translation box.

#11 Click Save Translation.

#12 Click on the next button to move to the next translation. 

***For a more detailed set of directions on the Translate page click on the question mark in the left-hand corner.

NOTE: Translations are not immediately visible. They will be available for public view within 7 days.

Step #2

Step #3 & 4

Step #5

Step #6

Step #7

Step #8-11