With BG+ you are always at the front of the line!  

As a BG+ member you are entitled to priority support.  BG+ Members are able to create tickets with problems and concerns immediately! ( Tickets are the way users communicate with us.) These tickets are sent into our agents who will answer your questions and concerns as quickly as possible.  The Orange Help button is on every page for priority customers only. Access is only a button click away!

On the website

Priority Support is on EVERY PAGE!  


#1 Click The Orange Help Button

#2 Click Contact Us

#3 Fill out the form.

#4 Click Submit.

#5 Watch for an email in your inbox. (There will be an email stating we received your ticket.)

**Please do not create multiple tickets for the same issue. This creates confusion with our staff, and your problem may take longer to solve. Thank You!

Step #1

Step #2

Step #3

For Technical Issues...

Please create a ticket with the following:

#1 For Cemetery or Record Issues: Please include the URL (Web Address) of the record or cemetery

#2 For device or website issues: Please include the device type, make, and model in the email. Also, screenshots of the issue as well as a detailed description of how this problem occurs will be required for help with the issue. 

Thanks for your understanding!