Transcriber’s mistakes, samples

1. Transcriber had transcribed front side of headstone. That is not necessary.


2. Remember to rotate picture. Also, family name is “Di Biasio”, not “Di Basio”.  I did a search on for Elisa’s obituary. Her maiden name is “Musone”.  And correct way to write “Di Biasio” is “DiBiasio”.  After editing, her name ended up as “Elisa DiBiasio (Musone)”.

3. “Bergeron” is Bernice’s Maiden name. If “Bergeron” had been her Family name, “Bergeron” would probably have been written on the front side of the headstone. After editing, the name is “Bernice P Danesi (Bergeron)”.


4. Josephine is Mary’s mother and her Family name is not “Phillips” but probably “Cessarelli”. That means that Mary’s Maiden name is “Cessarelli”. Mary and Walter are still alive and maybe we should be careful entering the full birthday information? What about only enter the year they were born? A search in Ancestry confirms that Josephine’s Family name is “Cessarelli” and her Maiden name is “Cipolloso”.


5. “(His Wife)” and “(Their Daughter)” should never be a part of a person’s name. Antonetta’s and Anna’s Family name is “Cornachione”, not “Pallotta”. “Pallotta” is Antonetta’s Maiden name. After editing, the names are “Antonetta Cornachione (Pallotta)” and “Anna Cornachione”.


6. Front side of Headstone not rotated.  Transcriber had entered all text in uppercase characters. BillionGraves converts this, changing the names to first character uppercase, rest lowercase. The “Converting” has problems with the word “D’Andrea” . Best is to transcribe names using both upper- and lowercase. Transcriber also entered “Maria” and “Rossi” as middle names, not using the Maiden name field.