We are so sorry to hear you are having trouble! For free users the best way to solve issues is to go to the help desk. If you can't find the answer to the problem there, you can create a ticket after viewing help desk articles and clicking on submit a ticket. These will be answered as soon as possible. 

Help Desk Articles

When you are experiencing issues, the help desk may provide many answers to issues you may be experiencing both with the website and the app. 

There are many articles that address all types of questions you may have about our app or the website. Articles include information about volunteering, transcriptions, taking photos, doing research, and more! 

The Help Desk can be found at the top of the main page by clicking on Get Help. It can also be found by clicking HERE. 



After reading through articles, many will have link on the page to create a ticket, if you do not find the answer to your problem through the article itself. It looks like this:

BG+ Membership

If you do not relish the thought of  looking through articles to solve a problem, you may want to consider a BG+ membership. BillionGraves Plus subscribers receive help quickly, through an online ticket system.  This system places their concerns always at the front of the line. For the minimal cost of a membership, having first class customer service, is well worth it. 

This is a small portion of what a yearly membership pays for.  Unlike a free membership, BG+ members have their tickets answered in a matter of hours, vs. a few days. Our agents are typically online M-F, and  are not in the office Saturday or Sunday.  BG+ members will have their weekend tickets at the front of the line Monday morning. Free users may have to wait until the following Tuesday or Wednesday depending on ticket volume. Each day our agents answer priority customers first. 


Ticketing System- Polite Behavior Please!

After creating a ticket either through the Help Desk or the link through BG+, you will receive an email stating that your ticket has been received. Our agents will work as quickly as possible to try to address any issue you may be experiencing. 

We ask for polite discussion with our staff members. Swearing, bullying, shouting in all caps, or any other rude behavior is not tolerated. If you choose do do so, you will be asked by our staff members to create another ticket, and may have to wait some more. 


One Ticket Only!

You only need to create one ticket. 

Contrary to what you may think, creating multiple tickets does not expedite your problem. It has the opposite effect in our system. By creating multiple tickets for the same issue, our system will keep placing your tickets to the back of the line. Multiple tickets are merged, and often the issue can be lost in our system. 

So, in other words, one ticket for one problem is sufficient.

For Technical Issues...

Please create a ticket with the following:

#1 For Cemetery or Record Issues: Please include the URL (Web Address) of the record or cemetery

#2 For device or website issues: Please include the device type, make, and model in the email. Also, screenshots of the issue as well as a detailed description of how this problem occurs will be required for help with the issue. 

Thanks for your understanding!