1. Go through your photos section. Look for grayed out, fuzzy, distorted images. Delete those. 

  2. Next try to upload one image at a time: 

    1. Click the cemetery album.

    2. Choose the image.

    3. Click Edit

    4. Click Upload

  3. Have you checked location services? Look under your Phones settings for Location Services and make sure it is enabled for the BIllionGraves application.
  4. If your issue is not resolved then answer the following:

  5. What make/model of phone are you using?

  6. What version of the BillionGraves application are you running? (found in settings)

  7. When did the application become unresponsive to upload?

  8. In order for us to solve this issue we have to reproduce it. What exact steps would we take?

  9. If you have gone through and deleted images and the application is still not loading have you logged out and logged back in?

  10. Can you attach a screenshot of the issue for the developers?

  11. Contact Customer Support with all information included.