After each photo is taken look for the photo in the lower box.  If there is no image, then it was not captured, and you should check your device for issues.

#1 If GPS is not present then image will not be captured.

#2  If the memory is full on your device it cannot receive any more. This may be a reason your device has stopped capturing images, or the photos are blank.

#3 If your device seems to be taking photos in a cemetery you are not in, please check the boundaries. (You may need to have support fix this issue later.)

#4  Review images before uploading to remove unwanted images. When images are fuzzy or distorted, it will sometimes hold up the process of submission. 

#5  Once photos are uploaded, the upload button will disappear. You can then delete these from a device safely, as the photos will be in the album in your account.**  

**To check, you can view images by clicking on view my profile on the BillionGraves Main Page Online.  Once in view my profile, to get into your album, click on an image associated with the cemetery. Do not click on the cemetery name or you will be taken to the cemetery main page